Malign by Damian Redd


Director: Damian Redd

Producer: Damian Redd

Writer: Damian Redd

Editor: Damian Redd

Production Assistant: Chris Williams 

Script Supervisor: Chris Williams


Graham Zempel as EVIL

Symone Lee as LORI

Braxton Angle as JAY

Cameron L. Stewart as THE TEENAGE BOY

Distributed by KR Digital (Marsupial Motion Pictures)

“Sun Don’t Shine” Written & Performed by Kiro Ankhara (@kiro_kire) From KangaRedd’s Malign (Original Motion Picture) Download/stream it here:


Evil finds an in-love couple to terrorize for his enjoyment as he has become bored with humanity’s morals after forcing a teenage boy mutilate his immediate family out of his own boredom. Now, Jay and Lori must fight these unknown urges and voices to harm each other. Who will heed to Evil’s commands? KangaRedd’s Malign features Graham Zempel as Evil, Symone Lee as Lori, Braxton Angle as Jay, and Cameron L. Stewart. Written, Directed, and Produced by Damian Redd and distributed by Marsupial Motion Pictures.

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