SYNCHURE (synchronized leisure) is an entertainment label which houses the releases that are made in collaboration with Damian Redd, but are not solely created by Damian Redd. SYNCHURE is the response when creators have the idea and KangaRedd provides the resources to synchronize results and provide a fitting leisure to the receptive audiences.


SYNCHURE has entered the music atmosphere in May 2023 with the release of AntonioDarris’ slow burn single, “Minnesota Rock,” produced by DJ AlleyCatt. Coinciding, Drill’s debut single, “Tired,” which was followed by “(Go) Skirt” and then “2015” to feed the fans more substance. Coming soon are more releases from AntonioDarris and debut from Octavius Haye.

AntonioDarris - Minnesota Rock (May 2023)
Drill - Tired (May 2023)
Drill - (Go) Skirt (June 2023)
Drill - 2015 (September 2023)